Expedition of a Small Town: A Documentary – Day 47

I have successfully obtained employment at one of the local convenience stores here in town. The natives seem to be accepting me into their tribe quite enthusiastically.

I’ve discovered a strange new ritual, involving the purchase of slips of paper, called lottery tickets.

Also, I am making strides in deciphering the meaning of the colorful symbols of the Cigarette Display wall. This shrine to their god, Nicotine, is visited daily by many of the natives, and they pay homage with small colorful plastic “cards”. The presentation of two plastic “cards”  (one that is slid through a  strange Oracle Box which they call a “Card Reader”, and the other which displays a small hyrogliph of the individual, and their date of birth, which proves that the tribal member has been recognised as an adult in the tribe) entitles the natives to recieve a small box filled with sticks representing the blessing of Nicotine. The different colors of the boxes, I believe, may indicate the social standing of each tribe member, though I cannot distinguish the purpose of this heirarchy.

The rich culture of this tribe of natives is fascinating to study. I hope to update again soon with more findings as I continue my expedition.


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