The Day Death Came…All Over Your Ancestors

So, I have a new chalkboard. Also, a new hobby.

My mother has decided to allow me to paint my room, and I have decided on a suitable color scheme. Pictures when it’s finished. Pinky promise. (Now, you guys get to cut off one of my pinky fingers if I forget later. Don’t we love these archaic, and fascinating old customs?)

And yes, I have not been posting as often as I ought to be. I promised every weekish. Shame on me. But in my defense, I temporarily forgot my password, and my boss has been working me half to death, and then scaring me the other half of the way.

Yes. I’ve been dead. This is my excuse. Dont judge me. A pox on your laundry.

A gutsy move? Yes, I know. But then, they say that my clit is 10′ long and bulletproof, so, I say I’ve got one up on the world these days. Fuck your couch.


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