Let the Shenanigans Commence!


Everyone has that one best friend that they can 100% be themselves with, no matter how goofy, bitchy, reserved, outgoing, and such. They are the other half, and together you two become one of those ultimate duos. Mine is coming to kidnap me shortly. There will be a metric shit-ton of fun. There may or may not be pictures and stories when I return. Anyway, in honor of my deep affection and endearment towards the best friend I’ve ever had, and possibly will ever have in this world (she’s set the bar rather high), this is a poem to Sara, pictured above. I have the best friend in the world. You ain’t got no friend like mine.

Let the Shenanigans Commence!

Macaroni to my cheese,
Silent Bob to my Jay,
glad you’ve been by my side
even when you’re hours away.

We’ve always stuck together
through the laughs and the tears
and ridiculous shenanigans
year after year.

Remember all those times
we cried on each others’ shoulders,
whether the problems were just pebbles
or giant-ass boulders?

Remember drawing hats
On handicapped-sign men?
but still; look how far we’ve come since then.

Remember the tumbles and faceplants,
soaking in creekbeds
and arguing over stupid shit
when we both had asses for heads.

I’ll cherish these memories, and many more
until I die.
Because friends light up the loneliest moments;
friends like you and I.

Tell me about your best friend.


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