The Fellowship of the Hearth: A Shoutout to My Closest Peeps

Alternately; The Family that Geeks Together…

I hear tell from a lot of friends and acquaintances that they dont “get along” with their families. Don’t understand them. Don’t like them. Dread their presence and spending time with them on holidays and important things…

These poor people.

I thank the gods every day that my family has so much common ground with each other. Gaming, historical reenactments, camping, hiking, movies, anime, music, etc. We could list things for days that we all have a mutual blast with.

I feel bad for the friends I have that dont have fathers who are willing to be a sounding board for massive life decisions. They don’t have mothers who help them make sense of difficult emotional trials. They don’t have older brothers who can make them laugh no matter how upset or mad or depressed they are about their lives with the same Funky Ninja routine that worked when they were 5. They don’have younger siblings who will still have sword fights in the livng room and play The Floor is Made of Lava even though I’m halfway through my 20’s and he’s swiftly approaching adulthood.

We can recite favorite movies in sync with each other, and still never get tired of watching them together. We can argue and yell and scream and cry at each other, and everything turns out okay in the end. I understand if you don’t quite get how you can cry ‘at’ someone but trust me, it’s possible.

My life has been so rich with them all as a part of it.

Familybots, transform!


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