Great things

Today is the day. Just got off from my night shift at the old location, and today I’ll be moving. Tomorrow I start the new position at the new location. Huzzah! Full-time benefits! I am quite pleased.


The Meteor Approaches

I’m getting ready to jump into one of those major life changes. New position at work, which involves moving as well. I know this could be a good thing for me, but it’s still very daunting. I’m leaving my comfort zone. But this is a very, very good thing.

I’m excited about it. Deleriously so. The closer the 29th gets, the more excited I am. I just hope everything works out the way that I envision it.

Whores and Stuff

Every time I see a house with a red porch light, I automatically associate it with a whore house. You know, the old red-light district thing. Open for business. This, I expressed loudly to my companion in the parking lot, without realizing that the neighbors with the red porch light were outside smoking well within earshot.

Massive stare-down.

Maybe you should consider the history of the color light you choose to use at your home. Or perhaps choose not to be offended when someone makes an historical reference to it.

Either way, I will continue to be amused.

Also, my companion’s voice recognition on his GPS always thinks he’s saying, “Boobies,” instead of, “Applebee’s.”

Yes, That’s My Child.

She has no trouble chatting with people out of the blue. We’re in Burger King, the play area to be exact; and my six year old monster has two other (random, male) kids teaching her the ins and outs of the available video games. I don’t get the premise, but they’re having a blast, and watching from the sidelines, it’s clear that she shines. Damn, I’m glad I passed on that same ease and charm.