Was your ass forged by Sauron?

‘Cause that shit looks precious.

Ah, nerds.

I met the local anime club yesterday. I was apparently charming and witty enough to have been asked to help with PR for a convention they are starting to plan for next year. It still comes as quite a surprise to me how easily I can make friends. I didn’t used to be such a social butterfly.

I remember back in elementary school, and again during my brief stints of middle school and high school- I never had that many friends. I was pretty shy. I remember having this sort of invisible wall up around me, separating me and them. There was always this unconscious segregation, and I was pretty comfortable with that.

I remember my very first really close friend. Rachelle. We were neighbors when we were young. My second really close friend? Also a neighbor. But I was much older then. 14/15… somewhere in there. His name was Kody. Good memories. Unlike my first close friend, he wasn’t happy sequestering himself in the same little bubble I’d always had. He dragged me out of it. Encouraged me to meet people. And when I instinctively pushed him away, he pushed back.

After that, I discovered that people aren’t nearly so scary as I’d imagined they were my whole life. Everyone has merit. Everyone has a story. Everyone deserves a chance to tell theirs. That’s the way I have tried to look at new people ever since. While I do still have a tendency to be a bit aloof, it’s nowhere near the total indifference that I used to display.

So, nerds. Geeks. Otaku. My people. I realized a long time ago that the reason that I like anime and manga so much is that many of the storylines revolve around a theme. A theme of a fear of not being accepted; and while I’ve come to terms with that fear, I still remember how it felt to be threatened by it. This theme is one that perhaps a lot of anime fans can relate to. An internal struggle where we realize the only thing holding us back is ourselves. Or maybe I’m the only one. Who knows?

They’re looking to set the convention date sometime in the beginning of August next year, and it looks like it’ll be quite the adventure.