All the Things

So, my boyfriend’s parents met my mother and my younger brother last night. One of the D’s older brothers was there as well. Alltogether, I think it was a fun time.

His mom said that my mom was delightful, and sounded like she damn well meant it. There was a lot of laughter at that table, and we all sat around talking after dinner until about 30 minutes past the restaurant’s closing time. Unintentional, of course.

The D’s father swiped the check as soon as it came to the table. My mom started to reach for it. They made eye contact for a moment, and D’s Dad gave my mom a look that clearly said, “Ho, you best putcho’ hand down”.

Very much unexpected. I can only imagine the battle of wills that may have happened if my dad had been there as well. Two quintessential men facing off over a dining check covering 7 people. 8 if he’d been there. Perhaps next time the rest of us will be able to sit back and watch the fireworks. This time though, my mom caved.

If you’re reading this, mom, I would have, too. Don’t be ashamed. The man can be intimidating when it comes to allowing him and his sons to be chivalrous.

Also, the ice cream was baller. You should have had some.

Shortcake says, “Hi.”


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