Yes, this is actually a happy poem.

I drank a nightmare-
left my stomach
knotted with a cupboard love
for your face.

“Seeing is believing,” said the bone box;
but I’m bellows to mend
each time you pocket
my insecurities.


In other news, I woke up exceedingly happy from some very comfy sleeps. Now breakfast, then a nap until I need to get ready for work.

The D and I have been doing a lot of talking recently. The hardcore kind of talking. The sort of talking during which ambitions are discussed and decisions are made.

I am applying for an open position at work (a higher paying one on my same shift, in my same department, with loads more responsibility). After discussing the option and the desire to do so, I feel incredibly secure in the decision, and optimistic that I have a really good chance of getting it. I find it amazing to feel so supported and encouraged by someone who is not directly related to me.

No offense Mom, Dad, Brothers- it just feels damn good to have someone on the outside recognize that I’m capable of better things, too.


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