How to Grow Up In an Awesome Family

If comfort had a face,
she’d look just like mom; round cheeks
and a smile to calm rabid beasts.
Her hands are sculptors
whom the worst days can’t escape from-
she makes storm clouds more beautiful than sunshine.

The only security blanket I ever had was my father.
Every child needs a blanket to hold them
upside down by the ankles, shake off the bitterness
of bad dreams, and set them safely down.

I pity every only-child.
Imaginary friends
cheat at The Floor is Lava,
and no one shares or cares like my brothers can.
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum:
metaphors for the siblings Alice wishes she had-
it’s a shame her imagination was too weak
to conjure ones so good as mine instead.

A terrifying sense of kindness
runs in our veins- an angry rhinoceros on steroids,
hellbent on making you smile
at the sacrifice of it’s own dignity.
It spawns funky ninjas to thwart tears and
gives away Christmas months in advance
to see the look on your face
when you realize that you are loved.

Family means forever.