Fall weather has shown up abruptly, in the last couple of days. I must say, it’s a welcome change compared to the suffocating heat that we had just last week. Autumn has long been my favorite season- mostly because I get to break out my comfy sweaters, scares, hats, mittens, arm warmers, socks, and blankets.

Decorating is another favored aspect of this particular change in seasons. I’ve gotten to deck everything out in leaves of red and gold, spray paint gourds and display baskets of fall foliage. This next few months, I’ll get to change things up constantly. I’ll go from Autumn, to creepy Haloween, to heartwarming Thanksgiving themes, to fun Christmas stuff.

I get to start making home made soups again, and hot chocolate, and breads. I’ve missed chili, and baking holiday cookies, and pies.

More so than all of these things, though, I’m thrilled that I now have a fairly constant excuse to visit family for the next 4 months. Or invite them to visit me. A fair mix of both will happen, I’m sure. I’m very excited because this is the first year in a LONG time that I’ll get to see both of my brothers for Christmas. And probably Thanksgiving.

Possibly, even New Year’s.