Decisions, decisions…

Since having decided to start submitting my writing to various places, I’ve become aware of the myriad of contests available! One which I’ve entered (a short story contest by the Texas Observer) starts posting the stories of the finalists in September. So, even if I don’t win the prize, if I place in the finals at least my story is published, and my name is “out there” in a publication, so that’s all I hope for. Please, dear god, just let me be a finalist.

If you’re out there, and struggling with the decision of whether or not to submit your writing to a journal, or enter it in a contest– Just do it. Stop telling yourself right now that your writing isn’t good enough. Believe me. Even if you’re rejected, or you don’t win or even place in a contest, keep going. Someone, somewhere, at some publication will go for your stuff. You just have to find your niche.

Concentrate on what your target audience is, and find publications or publishers or contests that are aimed at that target audience, and perhaps you’ll find your place. I haven’t found mine yet, but I’m confident that I will.

So what if your writing is ‘weird’. Guess what? There’s a whole weird world out there waiting for it.


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