Head, shoulders, knees, and toes…

and hands!

The countdown to my beau’s hand surgery is getting pretty low. Two days! He’s getting so nervous, poor guy. I don’t blame him for being upset at having to lose the use of one of his appendages for 2 months. But, it’s for the best, as the orthopedic specialists and surgeon say that he’ll continue to lose strength in his ring and little fingers on that hand if he doesn’t get it.

So, the full story:

Tyler is one of those people who wears a variety of hats at work. He manages the warehouse, the fleet vehicles, the IT, and most of the facility maintenance. Basically, all the things that none of the other management either don’t know how to do, or don’t have time to do get stuck under Tyler’s area of expertise because he has worked in all of the above industries, and understands how to do these things efficiently.

In the middle of setting up his warehouse at a new warehouse location, he’s been getting pulled off of these important tasks that need to be done so that the plumbers in the company’s employ can perform their job. He has to get all their supplies re-shelved and organized and get this place up and running ASAP. The thing is, he gets pulled away from this to do little things around the office like: hang brackets for monitors, set up cameras, scoot office furniture around, etc. Things that most adults with basic reading and hand/eye coordination skills can do.

Now, after a day of these tasks which are meaningless to the plumbers that he’s supposed to be supplying with things from the warehouse that’s supposed to be getting organized, the owner of the company, who has been the person impeding his progress in the warehouse by having him do random things around the office, tells him that his progress in the warehouse is unsatisfactory (in much less professional terms). Rather than punching the owner in the face, he punched a water heater (near it’s crest). This dislocated two of his fingers, and broke 3 of the bones in his hand.

Now, he will be having this surgery on Wednesday to put screws and pins into these bones to hold them together so that they will heal properly. The owner has since let up on him a bit, and hasn’t been disrupting his progress nearly as much. They even hired an extra person, so there are now 2 workers under Tyler in the warehouse. Hopefully, this helps expedite the organization of the warehouse so he can get to work on some of the equipment that needs repair, and fleet vehicles that need maintenance.

I have to say, though. Having his hand injured, and needing to thrive without an appendage that he has come to rely on so much, has really gotten to him. He says that he feels like he shouldn’t have let anyone get him so angry as to have hurt himself.

Tyler really is a sweet guy, and so when he mentioned the possibility of taking anger management classes, I immediately told him that if he felt he needed it, that it’s a wonderful idea! I even volunteered to go with him. Lord knows I’ve got some road rage issues, and could stand to manage stress-related anger better as well. So, once the hand is sorted out, we’ve decided to do the classes together.

I normally don’t post that often, but I’ll likely doing another post on either Wednesday post-surgery after I get him back home, or Thursday. That way everyone knows how he’s doing.


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